Bonbori: discover the sense of beauty in TENOHA

Bonbori is a lantern , the same one that lights up the avenues during the cherry blossom season ; the lantern is light , the same that shines on faces.

Bonbori was born from its founder Marina's passion for the Japanese beauty world: working closely with many Japanese women of all ages, she fell in love with their faces, their skincare rituals and their concept of taking care of themselves.

From the 29 April to 7 May , come and try Bonbori products for the first time in Milan, only in TENOHA Milan, Via Vigevano 18.

Did you know that double cleansing is a ritual introduced by geisha hundreds of years ago?

KIREI SABI refers to a sense of beauty and delicate elegance. Together with wabi sabi, it is the philosophy that pushes us to look beyond appearances: to grasp the hidden elegance, to be moved by beauty and to find the charm in gestures and behaviours. There is charm on faces of all ages, in pure and simple beauty, where naturalness and luminosity steal the show regardless of the signs of aging or imperfections. Bonbori offers an extremely versatile self-care ritual suitable for all skin types.

The products are essential for cleansing, illuminating and hydrating the skin in just a few steps, with delicate and natural-based formulas. Furthermore, Bonbori has decided to reduce unnecessary packaging to a minimum and make the necessary ones versatile. The Pet used for the bottles is almost totally recycled . The glass bottles are protected by recyclable biodegradable paper cases , obtained with the creative reuse of weed algae .

Now and in the future Bonbori will keep respect and bond with Nature as one of its fundamental values.

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