Your Daily Dose Of Japan

Are you ready to makeガチャ ガチャ gacha gacha ”?
If you want a taste of Japanese culture, don't miss the opportunity to
visit the new GACHA BAR in store starting May 18th and find out what the menu has in store for you every week!

With new releases every other week, GACHA BAR offers a wide selection of gachas , the famous capsules containing small toys that are obtained from vending machines called gachapons . You'll be able to stock up on miniaturized kawaii items ranging from pets to food, designs, objects and more.

The gacha collections are for all tastes: available in limited quantities, collecting them all will be the real challenge! Every two weeks the GACHA BAR menu will be renewed by proposing new recipes: from fake food to kawaii animals up to colorful, super lucky maneki neko.

And if you are a real fan, the GACHA BAR will reward you: every 9 gachas the 10th will be free!

The gacha gacha is served! We are waiting for you!