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19 Sep 2018

名 / NA Pop up Store

Inspiration to wear … The Japanese street wear brand 名 / NA brings “Ghost in the Shell” to Tenoha Milan’s Pop up store.

It has presented the official logos of titles belonging to the world of manga, anime, video games and movies.

“NA is not just a brand but a reference point for all those who are passionate about the works we are talking about.”

In line with this philosophy, NA is developing a very rich series of web content, collaborations with logo designers, authors, creatives and fans of the titles of their collections, encouraging community members to actively participate, with passionate dialogues about stories, the style and aesthetics that characterized their adolescence and that, even today, has a strong influence on their tastes and imagination.

“We choose logos because they represent the true essence of the titles and at the same time reflect the minimal aspect we want to maintain.

We are sure that every person could tell us a different story about the personal meaning of each logo, that’s why the choice to maintain a very simple, direct, strong aesthetic, to leverage the evocative value that these titles have on each of us. “

From here, moreover, the choice of the name of the brand “NA” which is the ideogram of the Japanese word “NAME”.