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04 Apr 2019

DESIGN WEEK 2019 | Nendo Shop


Nendo Special Selection

On the occasion of the Fuori Salone 2019 and the exclusive installation by Nendo, the acclaimed Japanese Design studio led by the architect Oki Sato that we will host in our Event Space, Nendo and TENOHA Milan are bound together in the space of &|SHOP. Starting from 3rd April, a wide selection of Nendo objects will be proposed in collaboration with already known names such as Medicom, Louis Poulsen, Zens, Depadova, Valerie Object, to name a few.

Exclusively, NENDO X TENOHA logo products such as tote bags and pins will be available, in addition to the T-shirt in collaboration with Nano Universe.




During the days of Milan Design Week (9th – 14th April 2019) Nendo will present “Breeze of Light” at TENOHA Milan, a special project in collaboration with Daikin, which is inspired by one of the four natural elements. The air, with its characteristics of imperceptibility and invisibility, that acts as a leitmotiv to Nendo’s work, which exploits the features of lights and colours to give it substance and create a suggestive atmosphere.

The installation can be visited in the spaces of &|DISCOVER from Wednesday 10th to Sunday 14th April, from 9 am to 7 pm.