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Starting from May 21st TENOHA proposes a special dish for each of the 6 Japanese prefectures. Each special dish will last 2 weeks on the menu and will consist of ingredients from the designated.


#1st EPISODE | 21st May – 2nd June

チキン南蛮 Chicken Nanban – Pref. of Miyazaki 宮崎県

From the southern region of Kyūshū, renowned in Japan for the richness of its culinary heritage, we have chosen the Miyazaki prefecture with its traditional Chicken Nanban.

The dish consists of fried karaage chicken marinated in sweet and sour sauce and accompanied with tartar sauce. Nanban designates the European origin of this recipe: according to some, it would be born in the Iberian Peninsula and would have been adapted in Japanese style in the Miyazaki prefecture. 


#2nd EPISODE | 3rd June – 16th June

鯛茶漬け Tai Chazuke  – Pref. of Tokushima 徳島県

• Sea bream, grilled onigiri and seasonal vegetables served with dashi broth

The prefecture of Tokushima is located in the north of Shikoku island, in the southern part of Japan. Its culinary tradition makes extensive use of various types of fish and seafood, having ample availability of coastal territories: precisely from this location comes the famous Taichazuke, that is a composition of white rice, sea bream, sesame and nori seaweed to be tasted with the accompaniment of Japanese dashi sauce. This dish is commonly appreciated for its delicacy, since dashi is associated with the soft notes of the sea bream flavour, which softens the tones of the fish, harmonizing them with its scent.


#3rd EPISODE | 17th June – 30th June

かきフライ Fried oysters   – Pref. of Hiroshima 広島県

• Fried oysters with tartar sauce served with rice and miso soup

The prefecture of Hiroshima is located in southern Japan, facing the inland sea of Seto and the island of Shikoku. From its mainly coastal territory we have chosen the Kaki furai, fried oysters: the high quality of the oysters of the sea on which Hiroshima faces is renowned throughout Japan, enough to make it part of the culinary heritage of this place.


#4th EPISODE | 1st July – 14th July

そばと高菜のおにぎり Soba and Onigiri  – Pref. of Nagano 長野県

• Soba served cold with dashi aside, accompanied by onigiri with takana (Japanese mustard leaves) and kobachi.

From the most central part of Japan, the Chūbu region, we offer a traditional dish from the Nagano prefecture: the Nagano Soba Noodles.

Soba is a type of thin, dark-colored pasta prepared with buckwheat. The area of Nagano is particularly famous for its production of this type of noodles, which is commonly accompanied with a special cold broth. 


#5th EPISODE | 15th July – 28th July

ひつまぶし風うなぎ丼  Hitsumabushi –  Pref. of Aichi 愛知県

• Bowl of rice with grilled eel covered in kabayaki sauce (soy sauce, mirin, sake and sugar), accompanied by various dressings and broth

Remaining in the central part of Japan, we stop in the Aichi prefecture, where the most famous dish is Hitsumabushi.

The protagonist of this dish is the eel, which in this prefecture is cooked only grilled and not boiled as commonly happens in the rest of Japan: this cooking method makes it possible to make the eel crispier. The composition of the course sees the eel placed over the white rice and the dashi broth to be added to accompany the dish.


#6th EPISODE | 29th July – 10th August

ちゃんちゃん焼き  Chanchanyaki – Pref. of Hokkaido 北海道県

• Salmon and grilled vegetables with miso sauce and butter, Hokkaido style, served with rice and salad.

From Hokkaidō, the northernmost prefecture of the Japanese territory, we propose a typical dish with a home flavour: the Chan-Chan Yaki. Although the meaning to which referring the name of the dish is not clear, it literally indicates a cooking performance named “Chacha”, an onomatopoeic expression useful to designate a rapid gesture.

Its preparation involves steam cooked salmon with seasonal vegetables and mountain herbs, and finally a Miso dressing.


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