08 Jun 2019


20th June 2019

Event powered by Asahi Super Dry 

The Matsuri is a typical festival of the Japanese tradition to inaugurate summer season. TENOHA Milano in collaboration with Asahi Super Dry inaugurates summer season with an event dedicated to street food and to the most famous Japanese beer brand in Italy.

During the event, in addition to enjoying a good cold beer and typical street food, it will be possible to watch two live exhibitions for free and listen to good music thanks to our DJ Andrea Ratti.



• Ikebana live exhibition  | 7.00 pm 

• Shodo live exhibition | 8.00 pm

Matsuri in Japan

Matsuri, traditional Japanese festivals, inaugurates the beginning of the summer period and is part of the many folk elements that characterize Japan, making it a country capable of attracting and captivating those who observe it from the outside. The roots of these festivals often have strong ties to religion, in fact the floats that parade through the streets of the city often start from a Shinto shrine, which thus pays tribute once a year to its protective deities. Nowadays the religious meaning has lost much of its importance and is often unknown to the Japanese themselves, who nonetheless appreciate the folklore of these events linked to the history of Japan. 


from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm


  • Nori maki + Buffet snacks
  • Special drink Asahi super dry or Asahi beer 
  • Free Kakigori