04 May 2022

SEAFOOD TRIP Tasting Dinner

& | TASTE · MAY 23-27

Japan, being an isolated island from the world, is a land of deep mythology and rituals rooted to its nature. 海の幸 (Umi no Sachi) means “blessings from the sea” – Sachi also meaning happiness, the vast marine culture of Japan has many beautiful treasures to offer. Take a floating trip through 8 different prefectures from North and South of Japan and enjoy an unexpected discovery through our special edition Tasting Menu from the sea.

What you will taste:
– Tako Aperitivo: Octopus in 3 different ways (Kansai Region)
– Ikura and Uni Gunkan Sushi (Hokkaido)
– Raw Tuna Mix – Nigiri Sushi and Sashimi (Aomori)
– Oysters Tempura (Hiroshima)
– Unagi Somen – eel and Japanese extra thin noodles (Shizuoka) 
– Buri Daikon – Amberjack fillet (Nagasaki)
– Wasabi Ice Cream (Nagano) & Yuzu Cheesecake (Tokushima)

*price: 80€ (including water, coffee, covert. Drinks not included)

19:00 ~ 21:00
21:15 ~  23:00
(two shifts)