29 Jul 2022

Tsukimi Aperitivo

TSUKIMI 月見 “Moon Festival” 

Autumn in Japan goes white with the season of O-Tsukimi お 月 見, literally “admiring the full moon”. To celebrate the arrival of autumn, TENOHA MILANO dedicates a weekend to the typical flavors of this festival and its curiosities.

Also known as the Autumn Full Moon Festival, Tsukimi is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month of the traditional Japanese lunar calendar. On this occasion the nobles gathered to celebrate and admire the beauty of the full moon. Observing the lunar surface you can see huge dark spots which, according to Japanese tradition, represent the figure of a rabbit pounding rice in a mortar to prepare mochi.

Nowadays Tsukimi is celebrated by offering the famous tsukimi-dango 月 見 団 子 to the moon, rice cakes whose shape resembles the full moon.


From 14 to 17 September
APERITIVO | 18:00 – 20:00

19:30 – Live Show of “MOCHITSUKI”Making of mochi

Special lemon sour drink tasting powered by TAKARA:
a skillful blend of highly refined and barrel aged shochu, the clean mellow taste of Takara Shochu has made it one of Japan’s most reputed shochu brands for over 100 years.

Special aperitivo:
18€ (Karaage, Takoyaki & Mochi + Lemon sour or Takara original drink or Beer)
20€ (Karaage, Takoyaki & Mochi + Cocktail or Wine)