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16 2月 2019

& | WORK Members Interview – AMENO


1. Why did you choose Tenoha?

At the beginning it was a comfortable choice, which turned out to be an excellent choice. The place is pleasant, it works well, the right is silent.



2. How is it working in Tenoha? (staff, feeling, furniture, discount, internet, facilities ……)

The service works well. Connection and printer work very well. The climate is very pleasant.
The fact that there is an adjoining restaurant, which is aesthetically beautiful and very good, in which you can meet customers, is a very comfortable thing. The times are perfect. Even when you need to stop more, the staff is very helpful..

“The discounts in the restaurant and in the store are very welcome.
I took advantage of the user coworking discount in the store to make several nalae gifts (all very much liked!).



3. What are the positive aspects of Tenoha?

First of all people.
And the tranquility of the environment, besides of course the service working well.