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08 2月 2019

& | WORK Members Interview – Big Mamma


1. Why did you choose Tenoha?

He was chosen by the manager of my office, who had been very fascinated by the coworking format, very fashionable in recent years. What struck us about Tenoha was above all the design, the Japanese mood. We opted for a space like Tenoha, compared to a classic private office, especially for the aspect of sharing ideas and contacts between people that this space facilitates. What belongs a lot to our Big Mamma company.



2. How is it working in Tenoha? (staff, feeling, furniture, discount, internet, facilities ……)

Spectacular! We are finding it very well, both for the work and the taste. We now consider it all a single space, a large family. We greatly appreciate the great sharing of everything (spaces, ideas, information, events …). It’s very nice to see everything you do and organize!

“We feel really pampered, I was not used to it. All this attention flatters us.”
“I think this place really has enormous potential.” 
“From the point of view of equipment and connectivity, everything is working optimally and efficiently.” 
“The time we have a problem with an outlet, it was enough to report it and in 2 minutes it was already solved.”



3. What are the positive aspects of Tenoha?

Synthetically, the location. It’s really nice to work here, and even the restaurant is a very nice place. I brought many friends here who did not know the space, and they were fascinated.

Secondly, one of the positive aspects of Tenoha is absolutely the Staff.