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16 2月 2019

& | WORK Members Interview – Flagship LLC


1. Why did you choose Tenoha?

The timing was simply perfect: the moment I moved back to Italy, with the intention of expanding the Flagship business in Europe, Tenoha opened. Since Flagship is a Japanese company with a strong openness towards foreign countries, it seemed to us the perfect place: a place in which to maintain our Japanese identity without renouncing the ferment of Milan’s capital.



2. How is it working in Tenoha? (staff, feeling, furniture, discount, internet, facilities ……)

Tenoha combines the rigor of Japanese design with the Italian lifestyle, making it possible to work on one’s laptop listening to contemporary jazz just arrived from Tokyo while the smell of morning coffee intrigues the air of coworking. The very kind and always very prepared staff makes Tenoha a hospitable place to work in tranquility and serenity, without losing the feeling of Japan that, at times, can be otherwise very far away.

“A fast and reliable connection, combined with a bright and informal environment, make Tenoha’s coworking the ideal space for a tech company like Flagship, which counts on a young and mobile e-commerce team of experts.



3. What are the positive aspects of Tenoha?

The airy and well cared for spaces, which favor concentration and a healthy working style at the same time.

The helpful and well prepared staff, always ready to make an extra effort for the wellbeing of the coworkers.

The multifunctional aspect of the places: shop, restaurant, coworking, shared office and event space all in one give way to a company like Flagship to grow together with Tenoha.

A large bar / restaurant area where you can meet customers and collaborators, who are always pleasantly impressed by a spacious but in its own way a little hidden in the heart of Milan.