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20 2月 2019

& | WORK Members Interview – Tier Lab

website: tier-lab.com

1. Why did you choose Tenoha?

Some time ago I realized the need for an office in Europe. I had the pleasure to meet for other reasons, a person from Tenoha Daikanyama’s staff in Tokyo who told me about the opening of Tenoha Milano and advised me to visit the spaces. The first impression on the spaces, once arrived in Milan, was very positive and so my story began in Tenoha. I really appreciated the layout, very Japanese, the concept, and the proximity to the center of Milan. My original program was to rent a coworking station in Germany. I had chosen Berlin as my base. Once I saw Tenoha, however, I had no doubt and I decided on the same day.



2. How is it working in Tenoha? (staff, feeling, furniture, discount, internet, facilities ……)

It’s very comfortable. The space is really functional. The internet is very fast. The very useful and interesting thing is the multi-functionality of the spaces. You can work in the Shared office, then move to a meeting in a restaurant and call in the yard. Assistance is always precise and polite.

“I also really appreciated the new opening of the Ramen restaurant.



3. What are the positive aspects of Tenoha?

First of all the comfort, in terms of structure, position, different departments, technical functions.

I also appreciated the flexibility. The staff came in against my needs and also the management from the contractual point of view.
This I did not find in the other coworking I visited.

And finally, people. Their friendliness and efficiency is a plus.